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Monday, January 04, 2010

Well, here it is 11 pm and the temperature is zero. That's right, zero. At least the wind isn't blowing very hard, so the wind chill is only -8 degrees. I had to resort to putting on my housecoat tonight. It's supposed to get cold later this week, so I guess I'll keep it close.

Here's good news. My son-in-law came by today to let me know my car was at a neighboing town's convenience store, because the tranny crapped out. Just dandy. I didn't say anything to him, because I'm too angry. Now I'm out a car, can't drive the truck, and am going to wind up either letting it sit forever or paying a grand to fix the transmission. I know they're not gonna do it. When they get their tax return they're supposed to be getting a car so they don't have to use mine. And now I can't use it either. ACK!! Yes, I realize it wasn't exactly a new car (1991), but it was all I had. I am seriously considering letting it sit. I don't drive that often, though it's nice to know I can. I'm trying to save some money so I can go on a trip this summer.

I guess I have my anger to keep me warm.

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