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Saturday, November 14, 2009

As a token of my regret for having neglected the blog lately, especially when so much to blog about has been going on, I present you with this week's Phideaux Phriday on Caterday (sue me). This week our phideaux present to you: The Star War Trilogy... kinda.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Enough! I'm gonna rant now, so if you don't care for that sort of thing, don't read it.

I am sick and tired of so-called progressives accusing conservatives of all kinds of heinous acts. Someone named David Corn, apparently a columnist writing for Politics Daily, is accusing those on the right of exploiting the Fort Hood shootings. Give me a break! Conservatives are not the ones who proclaimed, "never let a crisis go to waste". Conservatives are not the ones who, while the rest of the country was in shock and mourning for those victims, pulled a fast one by selling oil drilling rights off our continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico to the Chinese. Conservatives are not the ones who, after pressure from the Oval Office, pushed through a disastrous health care monstrosity on Saturday night without giving anyone a chance to read it.

This columnist has the audacity to compare Hasan to that killer of the abortion doctor in Kansas. First off, not every crime must be compared to that case, all right? And secondly, quit calling that murderer a Christian. Christians don't do that.

Let's call it like it truly is, shall we? Hasan wasn't suffering from secondary post-traumatic stress, nor did he "crack" under pressure. Hasan was, and is, an evil man, who perpetrated an evil on American soil. Quit making excuses for him, and quit saying alleged shooter. When you have more than 30 people who saw him commit the crimes, the term "alleged" pretty much flies out the window. Get him on his feet, try him for murder and sedition and anything else you can charge him with, and sentence him to death. He certainly has earned it.

That's all for now. Comment all you like. For now, free speech is still a right.

Do you remember this report last April that claimed veterans, among others, were to be considered potential terrorists? Well, it turns out that a participant in Bambi's Homeland Security transition team was none other than Nidal Hasan, the jihadi terrorist of Fort Hood. I have to wonder how much input he had into the final report?

This article is simply frightening. Read it all because it's just chock full of evil intentions in my opinion.

Grandma's House honors the heroes of this nation, our military men and women, both living

and deceased

and pray for those who are currently becoming veterans. May God bless you all and bring you home safely.

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