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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hi, everyone! I'm still alive, but I've been super busy with school. I just have a minute to post here, but I'm taking today off from life, because the new Harry Potter book is coming this morning. If you know me, don't call me today. I won't be answering the phone. If it is an emergency, call the daughter and she'll come and tell me. If you can reach her, she'll be reading it, too.

I promise I'll start blogging more often as soon as I get through these stupid classes I have this time. I'm dealing with my third composition class (yuck), and Cultural Diversity. Something I really don't see much of around here. My final project for the class is to write a paper about the diversity in my community. I asked my instructor what to do if there isn't any, and was told to write about how to change that. As if any of these old farts would want to do that. I live in probably one of the whitest counties in the state, but most of the people here are older farmers. The young folks are moving to the bigger towns and cities. I think there are a couple of minorities represented here, but we don't see them often. The biggest town in the county is only 1200 people. Not much doing here. This class sucks.

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