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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time for some personal stuff. If you don't want to know, don't read it.

Looks like my son is moving back to Oregon. I am so tired. His wife moved back there last month, leaving him with the three boys and a nasty cold. Now he's trying to pack everything, take care of the kids and his cold has graduated to pneumonia. He sounds terrible.

My daughter and her husband are living with us now. They plan to buy this dump from us, tear down the house and build another one. We're going to move into a mobile home here on the property. That's the plan. There may be a few monkeys wrenching around, though. We're having trouble finding a cheap trailer, Mark is having trouble finding a job, and the dark clouds of child problems are looming on the horizon. But other than that, we're doing fine. I'm surprised we don't fight more, actually, but things are running smoothly right now.

I have to go see a Pulmonologist on Friday, then back to my doctor on Tuesday. There's a chance I don't really have COPD. It may just be a problem with restricted breathing, which is no surprise since my spinal curve is compressing one lung. We'll see how it goes.

School is dragging right now. It's pretty much just a basic accounting class, but we have team projects and my team of three can't seem to get coordinated. So today I took over control and told the other two what jobs they were to do this week and to have them done by Friday. We'll see how much flak I catch for that.

I'll be back to posting Phriday Phideaux probably this week. Stay tuned.

While all the familial stuff sounds less than ideal, the team project junk in school makes everything pale in comparison in my opinion. Dammit, I hate working with a team that doesn't take things as seriously as I do.

Y'all are on my prayer list, Denise. All the best to you and your family.
Thanks. I hate team projects, too. I don't like others depending on me for their grade, but I really hate depending on others for my grade. I think I'll go out back and take some target practice tomorrow.
Try to stay off the highways with the firearm, you might not be able to stop shooting.
That sounds like a collection of bad stuff. I almost used a foul term there.
My prayers go to you, indeed.
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