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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Over the past ten days, we lost three members of our extended family. First, my daughter-in-law's brother was killed in an automobile accident; a few days later, my nephew died of a sudden heart attack; and the same day, my husband's aunt passed away, undoubtedly from a nasty attack of evil. (sorry). Then, I heard on the news that the Taco Bell Chihuahua passed away. Enough death already! So I went online to find some funny, only to learn that probably the most famous of all online phideaux had gone home as well.

This is Sunshine "Sunny" Lucas. She belongs to Rachel and Rupert (NHRN). Sunny was a very photogenic phideaux, as you can see. Plus, she liked getting the snacks that always followed getting dressed up. She was also a patriot.

When it came time to battle, she couldn't be stopped. Not by a pit bull jumping on her back, or by green beans or pork snacks, even when flying toward her face.

I know Sunny is in Heaven now, surrounded by her favorite snacks and playing with Digger, who went on before to prepare the way. Sunny you, your pigeon toes and your neckticles will be missed.

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