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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, I did it. There are a bunch of new peeps on the blogroll now. Allow me to point them out to you, alphabetically of course. We have Big Hollywood, a great place to get acquainted with the conservatives in Lalaland (yes, there are a few). Next is Cmblake6's Weblog, which is excellent in the art of skewering liberals. For some reason, when I read the title, I see Clambake. I don't know why. Anyway, if adult language bothers you, as some of the blogs I link to employ, be forewarned. Then we have DUmmie FUnnies, where the blogger has oodles of fun mocking the idiotic ramblings of the Democratic Underground. Frizzen Sparks is another adult site with excellent writing. For you conservatives and patriots here in Missouri, check out Gateway Pundit. This is probably the best Missouri blog around, telling you what the mainstream media won't. JB On The Rocks brings humor to the world of the internet, but not often enough in my opinion. If you enjoy videos, check out Right Wing Video. Quite a wide variety of videos for your enjoyment. And what can I say about Skunkfeathers? Anybody who can toy with spammers the way a cat plays with a mouse is aces in my book, and Skunk is an expert. Plus, he likes to chase tornadoes, always a fun sport. For beautiful photography, check out Some Cranky Guy. I wouldn't mind having some of his photos framed and on my wall. Last but certainly not least, we have View From The Porch, Tam's blog. I do enjoy linking to other women who like to shoot.

That's all for this round of linkups. Check 'em out and feel free to let them know I sent you. Not that it will win you any prizes, but do it anyway.

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