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Sunday, July 05, 2009


In the July 2009 issue of Rural Missouri, the publication sent to clients of Ozark Electric Cooperative, there was an interesting article titled "California Dreaming on Climate Change". Here are a couple of items from this article on the cap-and-trade legislation in Congress as of now:
As passed, the climate change bill heavily favors states on the coasts while penalizing Midwest states - including Missouri - that are heavily dependent on coal to generate electricity. At issue is the allocation of credits to meet a cap-and-trade program at the heart of the bill.

Cap and trade would work by slowly lowering the number of permits for emitting carbon dioxide available to utilities, manufacturers and other companies. Under the plan passed by (California Representative Henry) Waxman's committee, the chairman's home state would receive 200 percent of the credits it needs to meet new emission standards.

By contrast, Missouri would only receive 60 percent of the credits it needs.
Missouri would have to buy additional credits on the open market at a price set by auction.
Gee, I wonder where what state will have the extra credits??

And then there's this little ditty:
And Rep. Ike Skelton wrote in a letter to Gasconage Electric Cooperative Manager John Greenlee that the devil is in the details of the proposed bill. (No kidding) "As H.R. 2454 is considered, my colleagues and I will carefully review it. For those of us from rural America, it will be critical that we look after the interests of farmers and others living in small towns. It will also be important to ensure parts of the country, like Missouri, that rely heavily on coal-fired power plants are not given the short shrift."
Somebody please explain to me how he can say this out of one side of his face, while voting in favor of the cap-and-trade ripoff with the other side? This doddering old fool has got to go. We have to replace him with someone who will actually do what is best for our state.

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