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Sunday, July 05, 2009

This is totally out of hand and as tacky as it comes. The former black person who died last week is still dead. And he will stay that way, despite the idiots who are waiting for his second coming. The family, looking to squeeze the last drop of gold out of his legacy, is having a memorial service at the L.A. Staples Center (!), and they're charging $25 admission. If that weren't bad enough, outside the venue they're selling T-shirts that say "This Is It" on them. How pathetic can you get? Note this: if you comment on this, do not use his name. I don't need his drooling fanatics here, no matter how low my readership is. Any person (or network, as of now at least 4 are providing live coverage) who would pay to attend this thing or participate in a lottery for admission tickets has severe brain damage and needs medical attention.

Kind of like fireworks this year. I know they happened but I didn't watch. God save us from another rock star who died doing too many drugs. MUD
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