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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Now let's get back to the strange, because, like, you know, that's just what I do.

Watch out for the wallabies down Aussie way. They're getting into the poppy fields and getting stoned. They'll be after your snack food next.

A couple in Tennessee have been charged with domestic assault after getting into an altercation and hitting each other with Cheetos. Doesn't that just make you go all orange in the face with embarrassment?

Okay, this is like the absolute coolest cell phone ever created! I would buy one, but then I'd have to carry a purse or tote and that's not how I roll. Haven't carried a purse since I was a teen and Mom made me do it.

Here's a woman in Alabama who decided she needed to clear her head, so she laid down on the railroad tracks. The train broke her leg, so it sounds to me like she was doing it wrong. Unless her brain was in her kneecap.

The NIH is funding a study to determine why men don't like to use condoms. They're spending $423,500 on the study. If I tell them the answer, can I at least have half?

Now for a couple of strange crime stories: A woman claims her dog ate all of her checks, so she had to use her ex-husband's checking account to pay her bills. Sure, I'll believe that, uh huh. Then you have the gang who robbed six McDonald's by going to the drive-thru window. Why? Why were they allowed to climb through the window? If they had stopped the first person in, they would not have been in any danger. There were no guns, only baseball bats and such, which are not easily swung through those little windows. Seems like they could have clocked the first guy on the head with something to stop him from getting in. Or locked the window.

That's it for tonight gang. I'm caught up on the weird. I know there's a lot going on in the news right now, but I get too angry if I dwell on it too much. I'll see y'all later. Gotta clean Zoe.

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