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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm sure you've heard by now that Al Franken has been declared a winner in the debacle that was the Minnesota senate seat. That gives the Democrats a 60-40 imbalance in the Senate, and they are filibuster proof, provided they can keep all 60 in line. The Republicans can do nothing now. Everything that happens from this point they have to accept as their fault. Let's see how well they do. Grab the popcorn, folks. It may be all we're left with.

Read this only after you've had your blood pressure medicine. Make sure nothing breakable is nearby. Remember that Homeland Security paper establishing who would be considered a domestic terrorist? This should give you an idea why it was written. According to that paper, I, a 52 year old disabled grandmother, am a domestic terrorist. I don't care. I'd rather be classified as a terrorist by those people than a friend.

So, John McCain loses the presidential campaign, and his former staffers are unhappy about it. Heaven forbid they blame him for running a messed up campaign. They have to blame Sarah Palin and trash her instead. She was the only thing he did right! If they had left her alone to do her thing instead of trying to mold her into their idea of what she should be, he might have stood a chance. But every time she made progress for the team, he screwed up. I don't completely blame him, though. His staffers were supposedly taking care of him, right? It's bad enough the DNC is so afraid of her they are trashing her, late night hacks are involving her children in humor of extremely poor taste, and some bloggers are photoshopping her baby in horrendous pictures. Naturally, the story has no names attached to it; the staffers didn't have the guts to identify themselves. They should break both legs in the desert while they're alone. Perhaps they could learn some humility that way, but I doubt it.

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