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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I tell ya, Bambi's bus must be huge, because he's just thrown Congress underneath it. Sure, he'll use them when he wants and they'll do pretty much anything he says, especially now that they have 60 Dems up there. But now he's in Russia, working on a new treaty. But treaties have to be ratified, and that takes 2/3 of the Senate, not 60%. For those lacking in math skills, that's at least 67 to pass. He can't count on the traitors from before this time. So he'll just bypass the Senate and sign an executive order agreeing to a treaty. Who cares if it's Constitutional or not, right? C'mon, you guys. You are supposed to be representing this nation, not that idiot who was elected by a slim majority of voters. Enough is enough. It's time for impeachment. He is taking way too many liberties with our liberties.

Some day sit down and figure out by what percentage of the possible voters he was elected by. Not the percentage of the people who voted. 60% of the elligible voters would be a landslide. 53% of those who votes is just half of half. MUD
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