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Thursday, July 09, 2009

I haven't posted anything on Sarah Palin's resignation as Alaskan Governor until now, because I wanted to really think it over. See, despite the rantings, bile and venom being spit in her direction by the liberals, I mean Progressives (snerk - a rose by any other name), I believe she has made the right decision, and here's why.

1. She had already accomplished everything she had planned to do in her first term. By resigning now, she gives her Lt. Governor plenty of time to acclimate to the job, and now he'll be able to run as an incumbent with some experience. They were of like minds as far as how to govern the state, so nothing will change there.

2. She had been hampered in her duties by the constant ethics charges being thrown at her. While none of them, I repeat NONE OF THEM!, were valid, they still bogged down the staff who were having to respond to the nonsense, plus they were costing the state millions of dollars in salaries for said staff. She was unable, as Governor, to fight back; as a civilian, she now has the court behind her in filing suit against those who attack her and her family.

3. She is also free to start the next phase of her political career. Though some people are saying her career is over because she quit, I say just the opposite. The way Alaskan law was set up, she was hindered as to how much time she could spend away from the office. Now she can travel freely, and more people will get to know her on a national basis.

This is what I would like to see. Mrs. Palin has got the drive and the intelligence to be a successful President. She also has the charisma to bring groups together to fight for a cause. How would it be if she were the one to unite all these TEA party groups into one fighting coalition? There has been a desperate need in this country for a viable third party, and this may be our chance. We could even call it the TEA Party. The Taxed Enough Already Party. As long as it were established to follow the actual Constitution of the United States, and do away with all the crap that has been forced on the people of this nation, it would be a beautiful thing. Drawing in the conservatives from all parties, Republican, Democrat (there are a few), Libertarian, whatever, under one umbrella and show the supposed powers that be in Washington they have gone too far.

What do you think?

They fear Sarah and should. I hope that someone unites the Conservatives and starts things towards right in Washington. We are lost and have no leader as it is. MUD
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