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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How pitiful can you get? A girl was so busy texting somebody she didn't see the big open manhole and fell in. The really pathetic part is her parents are considering suing the city because their daughter is stupid. Seriously. She didn't even get hurt.

A little 2 year old in Canada had the ride of his life when he rode his toy truck 7.8 miles down the river where his family was camping. Woo hoo!!

To me, this story sounds like a desperate kid who knows he's losing an argument, and says something stupid. Hamas is claiming Israel is hitting Gaza with aphrodisiacs.

Here is proof positive you should never use any type of fix-a-flat product to repair an air mattress. Not that I need to tell my readers that, but somebody should have told this guy before he blew up his apartment.

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