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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Did you think I was kidding with that last post? Nay, I say. The Mayor of Shreveport is confiscating guns from people without cause.

It's not just the South, though. In New York, the state Senate has fired 200 (!) employees because they are the wrong color. Why hasn't the press been screaming about this story? Because they were white folk, that's why. It doesn't count, right?

Meanwhile, Bambi is still appointing czars. He's up to 34 now. That's 34 people who don't have to answer to anyone but Bambi. No congressional oversight, people. But this one is special. Check out Bambi's science czar.

For the record, Bambi is still paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to block anyone from seeing his real birth certificate. Why? What is he hiding?

I'll post some lighter news tomorrow, but I had to get this off my mind.

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