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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I wanted to take a moment and tell my granddaughter how much I love and miss her. Delia Marie was born June 13, 1996. I was there. I saw her before her mother did. I cry for that child. Her father has isolated her from our side of the family. I've seen her once in the past year and a half. My firstborn grandchild is a teenager now, a concept hard to believe because she's still my baby girl. She is not allowed to call (they refuse to install a phone), and the phone her mother gave her is always (conveniently) turned off when she tries to call. She isn't allowed to write, and my daughter is going to have to go to court AGAIN!! to get visitation because that prick isn't allowing that either. Sorry.

Happy Birthday, DeeDee. Grandma loves you.

You MIGHT want to know the facts my brother isnt the one who stopped anything the COURT ordered it cause your daughter is a shitty mother
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