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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Did y'all enjoy the scripted press conference today? I'm sure you ladies (or gents) who watch the soaps really appreciated it, especially since he didn't say anything important. Yeah, he blathered about Iran a little bit, but who can listen to a hypocrite who claims he cares, yet invites the thugocratic leadership to an Independence Day cookout? And now his team claims his speech in Cairo was the inspiration for the protests?? Give me a break. Look, you cannot have it both ways. Either support the protestors, who by the way were the only Middle Eastern group other than Israel who held candlelight vigils on 9/11, or support the Mullahs and all they believe in. Staying in the middle of the road doesn't work for possums, and it sure won't work for politicians. Be a man, cancel the cookout invitations, and speak out, really speak out, in support of these kids who just want what we once had: freedom.

By the way, did you know the thugs are demanding the families of the dead hand over a bullet fee if they want their loved one returned to them? This is just making me sick.

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