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Monday, May 11, 2009

What a week we've had here in Hades! The ups and downs, I tell you, we could have made the biggest roller coaster in the world. On the good side, I learned how to caption pictures this week, and tonight I sent my very first text message. ACK! How do you people do that all day long? It's a lot more work than using a computer, folks.

Now to the bad stuff. Those thunderstorms that came through the Ozarks a few days ago did a number around here. The huge barn across the road lost their roof, and one of our huge trees flanking our parking space is now perched precariously above my car, being held up by the other tree. I don't know how we're going to get it down, because the other car parked there isn't ours anymore and the owners won't come get it. If we try to cut the tree down it's gonna land on that car.

Plus, and the thing that really chafes, is our power was out from very early Friday morning to very early Sunday morning. I called the light company right away, and heard they were getting right on it. Now, I'm supposed to be on a list with those idiots because of my oxygen. That concentrator doesn't work very well without electricity, oddly enough. The second time I called them, they still hadn't made note of my medical need, even though it has been in their files since 1991. The third time I called (late Saturday night), the girl who answered the phone said they'd gone home for the night, try back tomorrow. I'm glad they could sleep. My wonderful husband went to town and got me some E-tanks, and my oxygen company called me (!) and made sure I had sufficient backup, making a special trip from Bolivar to deliver more tanks and a conserver so they'd last longer.

I guarantee you, my light bill next month is going to be higher than normal. I almost hope I get a bill for the extra tanks of oxygen. I'm sending any bills I get to the light company. What's the point of having medical information on file if they're not going to use it?

On the bright side, the battery operated lanterns we ordered for such occasions arrived in the mail today. Life is good.

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. My son texted me; my daughter will remember in a day or so.

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