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Sunday, May 31, 2009

What is all this claptrap about how aggressive the GOP should be with Judge Sotomayor? Give me a break! You treat her like you'd treat anybody else in that situation. Race, sex, ethnic group, sexual proclivities, it doesn't matter. I would suggest, however, that you refrain from asking questions she'd be expecting. For example, instead of asking how she feels about the Second Amendment, ask her where she stands on the Castle Doctrine. Instead of asking her opinion on abortion, ask her whether adoption rules should be less restrictive to make that a viable option for unwed mothers-to-be. And ask her why she thinks most of the people in Puerto Rico are opposed to statehood. She won't be expecting those questions, and you might actually see what type person she really is underneath.

And, forgive me for being un-PC, but wouldn't you pay good money if, as she walked into the room, someone would start playing the overture from West Side Story? (I'll just go over here and snap my fingers for a while now.)

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