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Monday, May 04, 2009

Sorry about this, guys, but I've gotta do another link dump. I'm still adjusting to the new school procedures. Team assignments are a lot more complicated online than they are in a physical classroom, especially when you only have a week to complete an assignment.

Do you like tomatoes on sandwiches? I do, but I hate it when the bread gets soggy. Now that may be a thing of the past. Scientists have perfected the non-soggy tomato. Yippee!!

If you ever see a swarm of Mormon crickets headed toward your crops, blast 'em with rock. Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones are quite effective.

Could someone please explain to me why, in the middle of a recession and an outbreak of flu, our supposed national leaders are embroiled in a hearing to do away with BCS rankings? Do your freakin' jobs, people!

A couple in London decided they couldn't wait until they got home and began to have sex on the lawn of Windsor Castle. The Queen was not amused. I do believe alcohol was involved. (duh!)

I guess the State Department doesn't think it's a bad idea for Texas to be considered a foreign country.

Now wasn't that better than swine flu, Obama worship, Michelle's highly overpriced sneakers, etc? Gotta go write a paper now. More later.

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