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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've got three brief items for y'all tonight:

This poor man just wanted to clean up his local park, because the city didn't have the funds in the budget to do it. So he started mowing the grass, and was promptly arrested for it.

In Dallas, the idiots in control of a home owner's association let the power go to their heads, and threatened to have a veteran's car towed, because it had Marine Corps bumper stickers on it.

Finally, in Kansas a six year old boy was, in my opinion, assaulted on the order of his school principal. This kid had a short mohawk haircut, not my favorite look but harmful to no one, and the principal didn't like it. So this jerkwad had one of the staff shave the boy's head. I told Sir Mugley that if that had happened to one of our kids, we would've had teacher for dinner that night.

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