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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In a time when all bloggers are writing about North Korea, the real estate meltdown, the auto industry meltdown and attending scandal, and the Supreme Court exchanging one liberal for another, I'm here to bring you the really important news:

In Tokyo, they've solved the problem of not having anything to real in the john. It's now possible to buy toilet paper with a horror story printed on it. I'm not sure this is a great idea. You'd either have to use too much or too little to get "the whole story", so to speak.

More idiocy from the "green" people. The U.K. is considering changing the way people eat by developing menus which cut out actual meat, such as beef or lamb, greenhouse-grown veggies, and alcohol because they produce too much carbon dioxide. Why don't they save everybody a lot of grief and just hold their breath? Indefinitely. Yeah, that'd do it.

Today's moron of the day award should go to this man in Greenwich, who hid behind a turkey decoy and made turkey noises while hunting with his turkey friend, who shot him. Dumb turkey.

And finally, here is another example of the consequences of an Obama health care reform plan. If this nonsense is passed, anyone over 50 who has a chronic illness (myself included) will be forfeit. Treatment won't put them back to work, so give the treatment to someone more productive.

I don't want to end today's entry on a down note, so here is a video of a beagle puppy learning to howl. I look at that then look at my beagle, Bandit, and wonder to myself...did you eat that puppy? There's no way all that fat could be from regular dog food!

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