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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm going to do another link dump here. I don't much like doing it this way, but the old man needs to use his computer tonight. Something about his last week of school, Master's Degree, blah blah blah...

You should always be careful when calling the police on your noisy neighbors. It may not be them after all.

Remember the old stories about the snake in the toilet? They're not just stories any more. Along those same lines, I don't even want to know how this kid was cleaning his aquarium.

Be careful driving through the state of Maine. You never know when a moose will fall on your car.

Two stories for you related to "climate change", otherwise known as the weather. First we have a "green" ship, operated by wind and solar power, which had to be rescued by another ship because they couldn't handle Mother Nature. Rubbing salt in the wound, the rescuing ship was an oil tanker. The second story is about the famous Troy solar house, which was built completely off the grid and run exclusively on "green" resources. This 800 square foot house, which they stupidly paid $900,000 to build (!), is still dark seven months later because the heater, which was supposed to keep the water pipes from freezing, drained the battery. The pipes froze and burst, naturally, and it will cost at least $16,000 more to fix them before the house can open. Welcome to the new world! If you don't mind, I'd like to stay in the old one.

One more story today, about Bambi. I wasn't going to do any political stuff for a while, because it was starting to sound like a broken record, but this pissed me off. 100 kindergarten children got the trip of a lifetime, to travel from their school in Virginia to the White House to meet the President. Their bus arrived 10 lousy minutes late, and they were turned away. The President couldn't meet with them, because he had to spend time with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are you telling me he couldn't make the Steelers wait a couple of minutes to keep from making children cry? How would he feel if this had happened to his daughters? I'm betting not so good.

Enough for now. Enjoy your weekend, but remember what it is really all about.

Moose from the sky?


That would give me a heart attack.
I know exactly what you mean. It's bad enough when a bird hits your car.
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