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Monday, April 06, 2009

School is over!! I finished my last term paper at one o'clock this morning, but since school is in Arizona it was only 11 last night. Midnight deadline. Woohoo!!

Two Dogs, I should have asked you to help me with my Cost Accounting class. You probably know more about it than I ever will.

And now for some fun. The first one goes out to my younger sister (you know who you are) just because it cracked me up. They were having a problem with geese in Canada and decided to scare them off with a couple of cardboard coyotes. It didn't work out so well:
A jogger out for a run early one morning came across the coyote cutouts and was so startled she ran to a nearby construction site.

There, she told a worker a coyote had 'barked' at her and that she feared it would give chase, McCallum said.

The worker called 911 and Sarnia police were dispatched.

They arrived on the scene and quickly surrounded the coyote, only then discovering it was made of cardboard.
Bwahahaha!! They had it surrounded!! Oh, my sides!

Next, for my older sister (yeah, you) this story just because you really get my sense of humor. Somebody decided to blow up a statue of Lenin but that didn't work, either:
One of Russia's most famous statues of Vladimir Lenin has been bombed, leaving the Bolshevik revolutionary with a gaping hole in his rear.
I'm guessing it was a gas bomb.

And this one to my oldest sister (hey, sissy dawg) just because she has a chihuahua who probably needs to stay in shape to keep from getting stepped on. The UK has opened their very first pet gymnasium. Could be interesting:
Trained exercise co-ordinators will run a series of group exercise classes which will include Pooch Paunch Buster, Puuuroebics, Wag Attack, Canine Crunch and Pawlates.
Yep, could be interesting... to watch.

Now I need one for my brother, Uncle Turkey. For the man who has received some of the strangest gifts for Christmas from me that you can imagine, you won't be getting one of these. Although I think around here they would need to use a possum instead of a fox. ACK!!

That's it for now. School's out. I'm free for a couple of weeks. Daughter in town for one night because she has a custody thing tomorrow, so I'm not sleeping anyway until they get back from court. Gonna be a long morning. See ya!

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