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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here are a couple of articles you could file under law run amok:

The Preakness. Second leg of the Triple Crown of horseracing. Would it still be the Preakness if it were run anywhere but Pimlico? The lawmakers in Maryland don't think so. They are in the process of declaring eminent domain on the racetrack and grounds to keep the owner from selling it. Not cool.

The other story reminds me of my days as a teenager in Kansas City. The church our family attended would have suppers once a month or so. Anyone could call and order dinners, usually fried chicken dinners with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, hot rolls, and dessert, and a church member would deliver it to their home. No proselytizing, just good deeds. Plus it was a good way to raise funds for things like carpeting for the sanctuary, etc. The teen group would occasionally do one of these dinners, usually tacos, to raise money for stuff like trips to the skating rink. If we'd had to deal with these idiots, we wouldn't have been able to accomplish as much. Bad law, folks. Change it quickly.

That pie thing is going to be in my brain all day long. I gotta think about that one, because there are so many ways that we can keep that "crisis from going to waste."
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