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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome to Phriday Phideaux's World of Animals! Yeah, I know it's technically Caturday, but I had homework. Anyway, let's start our journey:

First, we see the hopping style of the kangaroo phideaux:

Wasn't that amazing? Next, for our Islamic terrorist phriends, we have the undercover phideaux pig:

How lovely! And for cuddles, we have panda phideaux:

Awww! Look up now, because we've reached the giraffe phideaux:

Don't get scared now. We've reached the lion phideaux. Just stay calm:

And finally, we have the phideaux who does bear impressions:

Wasn't that fun? Wait till you see what I come up with for next week. We'll both be surprised!

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