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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

You Are Mac and Cheese

When you are stressed out, you seek safety above everything else.
And nothing is more nourishing than a big warm plate of carbs.
Taking risks takes a toll on you, and you prefer your comfort food to be old fashioned.
You're the type of person who could eat the same meal every night, especially when life is hard.

What Comfort Food Are You?

Oh, this is so me! I could live on pasta: spaghetti, mac and cheese, tuna noodle casserole, lasagna, etc. Even those giant shells stuffed with risotto and smothered in marinara sauce. Great, now my mouth is watering, and it's 8:50 AM. I don't know if you've tried them but Banquet has a macaroni and cheese dinner out now. That's all it is is mac and cheese, but it is very good. The noodles aren't limp or hard, the cheese is rich and if you give it a little extra time in the oven you get that nice brown topping on the casserole. Yum!!

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