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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, I see Obama needs a new Commerce Secretary. I don't think the news is telling it the way it really happened. Personally, I think it went kinda like this:

1. Obama nominates a Republican so he can look bipartisan.
2. Somebody reminds him that the census comes up next year, and the Commerce Secretary is in charge of it.
3. Someone mentions that the census determines congressional districts for the next ten years.
4. Obama freaks out, then decides to take the census away from Commerce (which is totally against the Constitution) and give it to his Chief of Staff so the Democrats don't lose that power.
4. Commerce Secretary calls him on it and is told to "withdraw" from the job.

Any other opinions?

Oddly, out of all the appointments, those that Barry nominated for Commerce have the fewest problems, but bail because of the disease that IS this corrupt administration.

Selection numero tres, come on down!

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