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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looks like we might get stuck with this monstrosity of a "stimulus" package. I saw someone called it Porkula. That was brilliant. Anyway, when this "stimulus" gets me killed, I want somebody in my family to get some payback. What are you talking about? you ask. Well, I'll tell ya. Nobody is talking about it, but there is a nasty bit of national health care legislation buried in this garbage. But you're disabled, you say, why should you be opposed to that? Simple. This crap will ultimately lead to rationing. The health care you get will depend on how much you are worth to society. Being disabled already and over 50, well I won't be high on the list. So if I get really sick, I probably won't qualify to receive help right away. No! you say. That's crazy! Tell it to the people in Europe. Some countries over there already have it.

Ask yourself this: What does this have to do with stimulus? NOTHING!!

There's a lot of pork in this stimulus bill. Obama was lying through his teeth last night when he said there was no pork in it, no earmarks. Lying. Through. His. Teeth. Read the bill. Roy Blunt voted the right way, as did Kit Bond. Claire McCaskill voted for this mess, as did most, if not all, the Democrat congresscritters. We can still stop it, if we let them know they will not be re-elected if they vote for it. It still has to get through conference to reconcile the House and Senate versions. It can still be stopped, but we have to care enough to put out a little effort.

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