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Monday, February 09, 2009

Just a couple of items on our glorious Congress and their attempts to bankrupt the country for their "boss":

First, while everybody is busy trying to shove this stimulus package down the throats of the working class, this little beauty is trying to work its way past our eyes without being seen. If you want to keep the second amendment, you'd better take notice.

One of the better Representatives from my state, Roy Blunt, has really pegged this boondoggle:
Blunt said "the difference in a tax cut package and a stimulus package is the difference in applying glue and sniffing glue. This stimulus is simply a sniffing glue package.
Well said, sir. Rumor has it Mr. Blunt is going to run for Kit Bond's seat in the next congressional election. We definitely need someone to offset Claire McCaskill's idiocy. She's so far up Obama's butt her hair is brown now.

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