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Saturday, February 21, 2009

If you are a guy, you might want to put on a cup before reading this, because you'll instinctively want to protect certain body parts:
A Monroe Correctional Complex prisoner with a history of mental illness was rushed to the hospital Thursday after his second attempt to cut off his penis.

The prisoner, 49, already had amputated much of his genitals several years ago, prison spokeswoman Cathy Kopoian said.

On Thursday the man apparently used a razor blade to cut off what remained.
Yikes! This is the part of the story that floored me:
Prisoners are permitted basic necessities, including razors, under state law, she said. Prison officials didn't consider the man at risk to harm himself.
The man was convicted July 1, 1977, for aggravated first-degree murder, Kopoian said. He's serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in the special offenders unit, a part of the prison reserved for treating prisoners with mental health issues.
You know, that doesn't sound to me like he wasn't considered a threat. A convicted murderer in a mental health facility, and you give him a razor, knowing that in the past he had tried to make himself a soprano? Are you nuts? Do you need to be treated in the same facility?

Moneyshot: "Are you nuts?"

I almost died laughing at that. Yes, I am as childish as a twelve year old.
I guess my twelve year old is asleep. I didn't even see that. I knew I kept you around for something.
Was that his punishment or his reward? Did he do good or bad? I really couldn't tell if you were serious but I know two dogs is. I wold have that guy making little rocks out of big rocks and he would be too tired to get his rocks off. MUD
How does he Pee?
I imagine probably with great difficulty.
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