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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The hamlet of Cliff Village, Missouri has voted to permit medical marijuana in their little town. Good for them. Now, I don't use marijuana. I tried it once and didn't like it, mainly because I'm a control freak and don't like losing control. Plus it was a lot harsher than my cigarettes. But mostly the control thing, same reason I've never been drunk. Anyway, why not? Let's legalize marijuana (only marijuana!), and tax the crap out of it. That may be one of the few ways we can get out of this sinkhole of a monstrosity called the stimulus package. Otherwise we'll be paying it off forever.

Mr. Blundell abused his so-called "mayor" status for his own personal crusade. The ordinance he passed is not valid based on our village by-laws. The county doesn't even recognize this ordinance as legit. Most residents here are very upset over this fiascal. There wasn't even an official vote on this matter. When it all comes out in the wash, Mr. Blundell and all of the media who played this up are going to be very embarrassed! All of the television stations, web sites and newspapers should have researched this out a little better before publishing all of this hype. They should have interviewed several of the other village residents to get the full story.
Thank you for clearing that up for me and my reader(s), Village Resident. I must say, however, that I am not embarrassed about what I wrote. I do believe marijuana should be legalized, and not just for medical purposes. People use things every single day that alter their chemistry. If we legalized it, taxed it and regulated it the way we regulate tobacco, it would be a major revenue source for our state. As far as Mr. Blundell goes, that is for you and the other residents of your village to deal with. That's what elections are for. If you want to contact KSPR television, my source for this entry, I'm sure they have a comment section on their website. Most television stations do. Thanks again, and I hope you'll let us know how it turned out.
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