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Monday, January 19, 2009

Everybody sing along:

School is out
Everybody gonna have some fun
School is out
Everybody gonna jump and run...

Out of classes until Groundhog Day!! And thanks to the brilliance of my loving Sir Mugley, who proofread my final paper and made helpful suggestions, I squeaked a B- in my Economics class. Add that to the A- in my Theories of Management and Supervision class, and my GPA will be climbing a little. At least my next classes are more to my liking: Cost Accounting, and Criminal Justice. After that, I transfer to my Bachelor's progam, which is only one class at a time. That's okay, though, because they are five weeks of intensive study each. I've gotta talk to my advisor to make sure there's a break between classes so I can decompress.

More posting tomorrow. It'll give me something to do rather than listen to All Inauguration All The Time on television. Gonna go watch some more I Claudius now.

Wow, and you're taking these classes online? Stanford offers their advanced engineering courses online. Why don't you check one of those out? I did and could barely pronounce the names of the classes.
Yeah, MIT has free online courses, too. I'm not so sure about engineering. Algebra online was a real pain in the derriere. One wrong symbol and you were screwed. Math classes are much easier in person, IMO. Maybe after I get my Bachelor's I'll check out a different field. Hubby got his Bachelor's in Psych, but is getting his Master's in Criminal Justice. Don't know what he's gonna do after that. He said something about getting another degree, but I can't remember what field.
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