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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm still alive!! Yes, I have been fighting the crud, and I think I've beaten it once again. Already passed through the drippy stage, then the anger stage (why am I always getting sick? ARGH!!), and then the depression stage (ooh, poor me...). Now that I'm feeling better, the weather is ridiculous. Right now it's 11 degrees outside and the wind chill is about -2000 or so. Seriously, we're under a weather advisory because our wind chill is expected to be about -20 until around Tuesday, plus there's a chance we'll get some ice or snow before it's over. Sir Mugley went out today before it got nasty and replenished our stock of food and bottled water, not to mention snacks for the goggie. Hard to believe that this time two days ago it was 62 degrees!

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