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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I got my first Christmas present the other day. Sir Mugley got me a beautiful Harry Potter and Fawkes music box/snow globe. Of course, I'll have to keep it in the box until after we move. But the box is pretty, too.

He's also got me three other presents. I told him not to spend too much money, but I don't think he listened very well. I think he's trying to make up for the gift I gave him for our anniversary (a replica of the double-headed axe Gimli used in Lord of the Rings). One of the presents is flat, like a picture or small poster. He said I'd probably want to hang it over my bed (Hmmm!).

I went ahead and gave him one of his presents as well, because I didn't want to use a mile of paper to wrap it. I got him a replica of the sword William Wallace (Mel Gibson) used in Braveheart. You might have figured out that he has a thing for knives/swords/anything with a blade. Not so much a thing as a passion. Wait until he sees the other gift (a copy of Aragorn's short blade). No worries... he doesn't read my blog so I can say this stuff. I know, no loyalty. On the other hand, no regrets. It balances.

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