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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did everyone have a great Christmas? I did. We slept later than usual, then got up and opened our gifts. I got a great pencil sketch of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, a wall clock with a pic of Dan Radcliffe from Equus (rated PG), and a fleece jacket with Dumbledore's Army on it. Sweet! Then we had a quiet dinner and watched some movies.

Friday the bottom fell out. I woke up with a sore throat... always a bad thing. By ten p.m. I had full blown bronchitis. It never fails. It always hits like a freight train, and always on the weekend. Not that anything can be done anyway. Antibiotics don't work on viruses. All I can do is treat the symptoms and try to stay out of the hospital. This sucks. It usually hits around Super Bowl time. I've got two big weeks of finals in school starting next week. I don't have time for this.

Today was the end of the football regular season, and this year I won! Sir Mugley owes me 81 cents. Woot!!

Tonight I'm wrapped in a blanket watching Sound of Music, drinking something soothing and taking meds for survival. I think I'll watch the Mod Squad (original series, not stupid movie) then try to sleep. Not an easy thing when you're coughing.

I certainly hope that you went into the extreme gloating-land of overboard ridiculousness taunting Sir Mugley with your victory.

I think that would help you feel better. Make it stupid obnoxious, too. We like that when we lose to our wimmen in sports. It shows that competitive spirit.
I really should. I won the first several years we did this, then when he did finally beat me, he framed the dollar I had to pay him! It hung on the wall for a long time before I finally spent it (tee hee). He totally got screwed when he picked Jacksonville this year. They let him down big time.
If it were me and I had won a good natured bet with a friend, his manhood would be called into question at every opportunity. Like so, "No, wait, let me get that, you might hurt your wimmen parts."

Or, "Are you cold? Do you want me to get your purse and shawl out of the truck?"

One of my favorites is "Your lipstick is smeared on your teeth."

Well, you get the gist, you MUST do it.
Good ideas all. I must hold off, however, to see how the Super Bowl turns out. That's a five dollar bet and he may turn it around on me yet. Don't want to gloat too soon.
Point taken, very good idea.
Um, hello? *Thump, thump* Is this thing on?

Test 1, 2.
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