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Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome to this week's edition of Phriday Phideaux! As usual, ihadahotdog.com has supplied some wonderful pictures phor your entertainment. The theme of this week's presentation is Let's Have A Phriday Party! First, we'll break the ice by starting off with a group dance:

And we would really let go and dance some more free-style:

When we were through dancing around, we would sit around and tell scary stories. Ooh!

Then we'd snuggle up together and stay warm in the winter temperatures. There is nothing warmer on your bed than a big ol' furry dawg snuggling up to your back. My little beagle tries to rest his head on my neck sometimes when his nose is cold.

... holy crap, that dog is HUGE....

It is, truly, but I bet you wouldn't even need a blanket during the winter with him or her around. I luv big doggies.
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