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Monday, November 17, 2008

I'll keep this short, gang. I'm not seeing the linky love for my Air Force team here. You know, the Army and Navy guys are already over $10,000 for their teams, and I know we can top that. Tell your friends, just a few bucks from everybody and we'll "fly" right by them all. Let's make those numbers "soar", people. All right, I'll stop if you make a donation. Deal?

Did you catch the Coast Guard team hijacking the site on Saturday night? They almost crashed the system.

And, there are so many more Army and navy guys, you know since they will take anybody, that Chairforce doesn't have much of a chance, but let's do the best that we can. It's an elitist thing.
No, I missed that. They don't wanna play fair, huh? They must be liberals.
They're Coast Guard, what do you expect?
Where do you get the stinkin meters from?
go to the Soldier's Angels website here then get the codes you want for your site, Mr. A.
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