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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I heard Mr. Obama was late for his first press conference. He's gonna have to do better than that. Someone said that before he started talking he looked frightened, like a deer in the headlights, but he snapped out of it fairly quickly. And he made a blunder, talking about Mrs. Reagan's seances, when he meant Hillary Clinton. At least he called and apologized.

There's a website up called 52 to 48, or something like that (I won't link to it), all photos asking Republicans to "reach across the aisle and make nice now that the election is over". Yeah, I don't think so. Pictures of signs are useless; prove what you are saying by working to keep this country safe, keep the government's hands off our guns, leave our churches alone, leave our 401k's alone. Do your job and leave the rest to the states. Then we'll play nice.

Yep, aren't you just shocked forever that Barry is an idiot tool? The elderly Mrs. Reagan is finally at home after breaking her hip, let's make fun of her.

I looked at that 52-48 site and it is the same thing as the last "We're Sorry" site. They deserve what they about to get. Our side doesn't.
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