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Monday, November 03, 2008

For those of you who live in Missouri, tomorrow we're going to vote on Proposition A. This proposition concerns riverboat gambling in Missouri. Here's the problem: The people who want you to vote "yes" are saying it will bring millions more into the education funds. This money will be earmarked for education and cannot be used for anything else. They said the same thing about the lottery. After that passed, the state government determined how much would be going into education from lottery sales and deducted that amount from the budgeted amount for education, putting that money back into the general fund. In other words, it didn't help "the chiiillldren" at all. Now they're back for more.

Proposition A will take all limits off the amount a person can lose in one night at the casinos and increase the amount the casinos have to pay the state. They say this will bring us up to the same levels as adjoining states. I'm sorry, but I don't care about the adjoining states. I care about this one. People for A say those running campaigns against it are from those other states, people against A say those running campaigns for it are all casino owners. I say they're all crazy.

We set those limits on losses for a reason. Some people have very poor self-control and would gamble everything they have if they didn't have a limit on it. Is it so hard to go back the next day if you really have to lose more money? No. I'm voting no on Prop A. It won't help the children, it could potentially bankrupt their parents and that is no help at all.

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