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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yes, I know it's Caturday, but I'm co-opting it for the Phideaux. We've had a horrible day. Our TV set went "foomp!" and the picture and sound were both gone. Well, anyone who knows us knows that cannot be allowed to stand. So Sir Mugley went to Wally World and bought us a new one for the bedroom. Problem was, the one we had was 21" and the new one was 27" and very heavy. He started to carry it in the house and tripped over a big blue storage tub out in the yard, which happened to be fairly full of water. It broke, but the TV didn't. Then he nearly herniated himself putting it up on the dresser by himself. We're gonna wait until it's completely dry before we plug it in and turn it on. In the meantime, we now have a digital tuner we no longer need. Anyway, on to the Phideaux:

This one looks just like my little Bubba did when we got him. When I first saw this pic, I started to cry because I remembered how he used to climb up my SnugSack to get in my lap and get warm in the winter. Of course, being a lab/chow mix, he got fairly large, but he was still mama's little Bubba. He protected me from everybody. Anyone could come in the yard, but if I went out there, he'd start growling and get between me and whoever was there. But if they were allowed in the house, it was all right in the world again.

Of course, I've gotta take a shot at the cats:

More to come.

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