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Thursday, October 09, 2008

This passenger should be locked up for a long time:
BOSTON - Boston police said a passenger who was angry because his flight was delayed tried to get back at the airline by throwing foot powder around the plane. Arthur Nicolson, of Framingham, was arrested Monday after the U.S. Airways flight from Las Vegas landed at Logan International Airport.

The plane's captain told state police that after the plane landed, Nicolson began throwing the white powder and said, "This is what your airline gets for treating me bad."
Why, after 9/11 and the shoe bomber case, would anyone, male or female, be allowed to get on a plane with a container of white powder? That powder could have been anything at all. They confiscate shampoo and mouthwash if the container is a little too large, but 7 oz. of foot powder is just fine and dandy. Sheesh!

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