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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Right now I'm barely moving around. It was my turn to shop, so I got up at 4:00 pm (yeah, that's right), and took off. I was originally going to pick up my prescriptions and come home, but I allowed Sir Mugley to know I was going and plans changed. I'm sure you all know the routine: "Hon, since you're going anyway, can you....?" So after the pharmacy, I mailed a package and half dozen letters, went to the Dollar General store to get snacks for him and Bandit (wound up buying candy for myself), then to the Grocery store for more TV dinners and late night snacks. Picked up some lo-fat pringles to go with my tuna sandwiches, and some of those cup o noodles you just put hot water in for him. Then there were the peanuts, raisins, and the puffcorn for him. I got myself some more coffee and some Halloween candy I didn't need. Also picked up some premade salad and grated cheese and toppings. That's about as close to cooking as I get these days, unless you count heating water for coffee and tea. Anyway, after all that my lower back was ready to begin the revolution, even though I'd been holding onto the carts to take off the pressure. But at my last stop, Subway, they didn't have carts. What they did have was a long line waiting for food before the Super Bowl of football tonight. Greenfield and Lockwood, the only two teams in our county, played each other. Unfortunately, Lockwood forgot how to play the game it seems; Greenfield bested them 47-0.

By the time I got out of there, I could hardly move my legs. I was definitely going straight home. Just in time to see the TV go "floom!". The timing couldn't have been better. It was Friday after the banks had closed. Mugley had 30 bucks and about 5 on his credit card. So it turns to Momma agin. OK. I had a little over 260 in cash I'd been planning to deposit on my credit card, which had 173 on it. So I handed them to Sir Mugley and told him, do the best you can without going crazy. And he did. Right up until he decided to take the set swimming. We drained out as much as me could and now we have a fan blowing into it to make sure it's dry when we plug it in. He managed to rip his leg on that nasty tub from knee to ankle and wrenched his back trying to protect the television. I gave him one of my medications for his back so he'd be able to sleep (Don't judge me we take practically the same thing, mine's just a tad bit stronger). So he's sleeping now, and I'm writing this. I'm getting a little anxious about my class that starts Monday. This time it's Economic Theory starting this coming Monday, then the other class, Organizational Theory and Behavior starts on the 20th. Bleck! I have a feeling we'll be "theorizing" about what's been going on in Washington and on Wall Street.

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