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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Okay, I've decided this financial crisis we're in the middle of (WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!) is a lotta hoooey. The original plan set forth by Bernanke and Paulson was all of a page and a half long. The plan passed by the Senate today and headed for the House is 451 pages long and so loaded with pork it would cause Muslims to explode at the mere touch of it. If this is such an emergency, why are there provisions for wool research, wooden arrows for children, Puerto Rican rum, and many, many more? C'mon, Congress!

I have decided that this has all been orchestrated as an election year stunt. The Democrats in the House could have easily passed the bill the other day, yet they did not. They were a mere 23 votes short, yet 90 Democrats voted against it. They didn't need the Republicans to pass the bill, yet they blamed the Republicans for shooting it down.

What really bothers me is conservatives and liberals voting the opposite way on this thing. Rep. Clay of northern Missouri has been a liberal from day one, and is a close friend of Nancy Pelosi, yet he voted against the bill. Rep. Blunt, a leader in the conservative part of the House, voted for the bill.

I say let them crash. Nobody let me off the hook on any of the bills I've had to pay over the years. If I got in over my head I had to get out on my own. Why should people who obviously were never in a position to pay off these loans get off with no repercussions? They never should have been given loans in the first place.

I can't get a loan right now to fix up my house, even though I've lived here 17 years and have never missed a payment. Yet these people currently in foreclosure didn't have a problem getting a loan. It makes me ill.

This country survived worse than this in the past. We will survive this. If we start working together instead of playing politics with the future of our nation.

There shall be a bailout bill and it will go to Bush. The Democrats cannot let their financing of votes diminish otherwise they will not win elections.

And yes, certainly this has come to the front as a cynical ploy to elect the Obamessiah. What I cannot figure out is why there are ANY Republicans backing this bill.
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