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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Now for some Barack Obama news:

Dean Reynolds has been working for CBS for a while. Of course, after they find out about this story, he may be sent to Siberia or worse.

Here is a story by Dan Caplis about how Obama really feels about racial equality. Why is it the only people screaming about race are the Democrats? Personally I couldn't care less if the candidate was pea green with purple polka dots, as long as he or she is qualified for the job. Obama is not. Pea green with purple polka dots, or qualified for the job (thought I better clarify that).

Finally, this is a must read. This is Obama's Universal Voluntary Citizen Service Plan. When I was growing up, being a volunteer meant you were actually voluntary. Not anymore. By this plan, students would be required to volunteer so many hours a year to graduate. School funding would depend on volunteer opportunities and enforcement. And there is much more. Please, if you read nothing else today, read this. Do we really want this in our country? I don't.

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