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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hi, guys. Missed me? Yeah, right. I know I've missed a couple of Phridays worth of Phideaux's, but I have a good excuse. I got bit by a dirty spider, and the little bleeper gave me a staph infection. I've done a round of antibiotics, and I'm peeling from neck to knees like I've had a really bad sunburn, and it itches to beat all. I'm slathering in body lotion and anti-itch medication, and I missed more than an entire week of classes. When the classes are only nine weeks long, that can put a serious crimp in your grades, believe me. But that's life. I even missed out on celebrating my anniversary, which was Thursday. Oh, well. Not like we were gonna do anything special anyway. When you get to the 32nd, there's not that much left to do, is there? Anyway, I've got three papers due by next Sunday, so I may be a little brief in commenting until then, but I will try to do better.

The really fun part about these little life hiccups is that you always look back and laugh at them, no matter how damn painful and irritating they are.

"Remember that time that Two Dogs sewed his own finger back together?"

"Oh, God, I thought that I was going to vomit my guts out because it hurt so bad."

And then the laughing starts and you realize that those are the things that you remember the most fondly. Weird.

That is because we humans are strange.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to the laughing part. As soon as I finish shedding like a stinking snake, that is. Yuk!
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