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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Picture, if you will, the following scenario: You and your spouse work very hard to put your child through school, making sure he gets a proper and complete education. You are so proud when he becomes a professional instructor, ready to mold young minds. Then, to your horror, he comes out with something as stupid as this:
"Instead of complaining about the state of the education system as we correct the same mistakes year after year, I've got a better idea," Ken Smith, a criminology lecturer at Bucks New University, wrote in the Times Higher Education Supplement.

"University teachers should simply accept as variant spelling those words our students most commonly misspell."

To kickstart his proposal, Smith suggested 10 common misspellings that should immediately be accepted into the pantheon of variants, including "ignor," "occured," "thier," "truely," "speach" and "twelth" (it should be "twelfth").
It truly boggles the mind.

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