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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is everybody ready for Gustav? Hurricanes are not a serious concern here in the Midwest, other than worrying about the people who suffer losses in them. But in the political field, hurricanes are extremely important. In fact, so important that Michael Moore *spit* thinks of them as "Proof there is a God in Heaven". Seriously. Instead of focusing on the people who will be impacted by the hurricane, currently expected to be a category 5, that bastion of objectivity, the Associated Press, sees the hurricane as a "..chance for redemption or point scoring in the presidential campaign". Gack!! On the other side of the political table, the GOP's nominee-elect McCain and his VP choice Palin are going to Mississippi tomorrow to see that preparations are in place for the people. In addition, the GOP is considering changing the program of the convention next week from a political one to a service-type program, something akin to a telethon to help people affected in the hurricane.

This is not a political event, people. This is a meteorological event, which will affect many people somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Let's try to keep things in perspective, please?

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