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Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm really not enjoying this week in my history class. This week we're focusing on the Vietnam War. Yeah, a whole week to cover 10 years. Anyway, I was reading my text book (note: this is a text book, not an editorial), and lo and behold I find this little nugget:
Since success could not be measured in territory gained, the measure became the “body count”: the number of Vietcong killed. Unable to tell who was friendly and who was hostile, GIs regularly took out their frustrations on innocent civilians.
I could not believe what I was reading. And you should have seen the expression on my poor Sir Mugley. I thought he was going to have a stroke. This so-called text book even goes on to quote that formidable Vietnam Veteran, John Kerry:
The sudden shift from the hell of war to civilian peace could be wrenching. “I fell asleep [on the plane to New York] and woke up yelling, probably a nightmare,” recalled John Kerry, a candidate for president in 2004. “The other passengers moved away from me — a reaction I noticed more and more in the months ahead. . . . The feeling toward [Vietnam vets] was, ‘Stay away — don’t contaminate us with whatever you’ve brought back from Vietnam.’”
I guess they couldn't find a real veteran or anything. This garbage is being fed to students all over the country. I need to find some bleach for my eyes now. Excuse me.

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