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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm back! Perhaps you don't recognize me anymore, but that's just because I'm old now. Tuesday was my 52nd (!) birthday. Believe me, I felt every year of it, and still do. We've got some rainy weather in the area, and my arthur-itis is acting up something awful. Add to that the minor fact that I've run out of pain meds, my sinuses are stopped up, and my back is killing me. I've been using Sir Mugley's pain meds, but they're not as strong as mine. Hopefully I'll get my refill tomorrow.

I've tried twice this week to get my driver's license renewed, but failed. I went Monday, and found out after I got there they're closed on Mondays. So I went back on Tuesday. Lo and behold, you have to have your birth certificate now, plus a social security card and proof of residence to get a driver's license renewed. I've got to get my birth certificate and go back. At least I got a 60-day extension so I don't have to go right away. It really sucks, because the certificate costs $15 (at least it did when I got one for my son), and the license is another $20, and I don't really even enjoy driving much any more.

Well, that's enough personal crap for now, except to say Thank God for my baby sister's health. She's a bit of a health nut, and takes extra care of herself, which is great. She'll probably live forever. But she did have a health scare last week, and we got word on Wednesday that it was just some scar tissue on her lung. No big deal. I'd be happy to trade lungs with her for a while. But I am truly happy for her. Must be a real load off. Love you, sis. Remember, you'll always be the baby, even if you are old.

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