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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I had to do some template work tonight, thanks to Warner Brothers. They've moved the opening of Half Blood Prince to next July. It has allowed the opening of Twilight to move up to November, however. I hope it's as good as everybody thinks it will be. I'll have to content myself to re-reading the books until July I guess. Phideaux to commence later, as I'm beat from PowerPoint Hades. I'm halfway through it. Another PP due on Sunday. I have to condense the Vietnam War to 6-9 slides, and that includes a reference slide. How I'm gonna do that, I have no idea. Most of the people in my class weren't even alive then. Gack!!

Since my thoughts on the Vietnam War begin with the protestors at home, one of those slides should be Bill Ayers, of the Weather Underground, and his blowing up of buildings in the name of peace. And then you could show that for half of the country, they have not learned their lesson by including another slide for Barry Obama. But, wouldn't that be so much fun?

Then you could get your failing grade for exposing those kids to the truth.
That would be a lot of fun, but unfortunately I'm confined to our involvement in the 1950s. It's probably just as well, though, since compressing ten plus years of war into 9 slides would be extremely difficult, even for me. I would rather write a 2,000 word paper than do a powerpoint anyday. I never know what to put on the slides and what to put in the speaker's notes.
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